I have been a working journalist for close to 20 years, most of it in Santa Fe, New Mexico, although I also have written for several national publications over the years. I spent more than a decade as editor of The Santa Fe Reporter.


Thanks for reading! Below you’ll find a selective but fairly representative collection of features, reviews, interviews from a myriad of publications in which I’ve been lucky to appear. Also: a tiny bit of memoir and a bit of poetry for good measure.


I provide a variety of writing, editing and coaching services to individual writers and organizations. If you are interested in working with me, I will first want to hear more about your project, and will then prepare a guaranteed flat rate proposal for you that accommodates your budget and time frame. I can be reached at: julia[at]juliargoldberg.com

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A New Gig

As of April 1, I am hosting a morning talk show on 101.5 FM. You can catch The Julia...

A Week in the Life of a Fired Cirque du Soleil Employee

A satirical (? maybe) piece I wrote, published on the Higgs Weldon, an awesome humor...

Just in time for Valentine’s Day

I wrote a little piece on my love of the holiday for Role Reboot. I began it thinking it...


I’ve been lucky enough to visit Switzerland—mostly Zurich, but a few side trips to...

Travels in New Mexico

Sometime last spring, I think, my boyfriend and I decided to devote Sundays to hiking....