overheard at the dentist

So yesterday, while getting my teeth cleaned, the hygenist told me that she cleans inmates’ teeth part-time at the prison. And that Wednesday, she would be cleaning accused cop-killer Michael Astorga’s teeth, because all inmates get their teeth cleaned on their birthdays (prompting the not-very-liberal thought, on my part, that not only was I paying for my own teeth to get cleaned, I also am paying for Astorga’s; not to mention, given the high-end dentist’s office I was in, I found myself thinking all sorts of not-politically correct thoughts, like, can’t they get a hygenist who doesn’t work on inmates?). Anyway, I don’t know how true any of this is, though, as from what I can tell Astorga’s birthday isn’t until next month.
Meanwhile, have I mentioned how sick I am of going to the dentist?

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