Virtual Diplomacy

I recently had the chance to sit down with Eric Maddox, founder of the Virtual Virtual Dinner Guest project, for this story that I wrote for Adobe Airstream. The timing was excellent, as my Social Movements and Actions class at Santa Fe University had just begun our discussion of social media and social movements. I made the class read Malcolm Gladwell’s piece from the New Yorker; most of them disagreed with him and seemed fairly certain that Gladwell’s point of view indicated that he must be, well, you know, old.

It is so strange to me that the semester is just about over. Yesterday was the last meeting for my journalism class at IAIA; tomorrow is the last day for my SFU class. And then, in two weeks, off to Zurich!

I have been trying to gather my thoughts on my first semester post-Reporter and in the classroom, but not quite there yet.